We are excited to announce the total prize pool of $20,000 will be on offer for the inaugural Run the Tan 2021 showcase event presented by AIA Vitality to be held on Saturday 24th April.

This is the largest prize money for any event of its kind in Australia. Elite Athletes will be competing for a slice of this attractive prize pool.

A special bonus will be offered to the overall winning male and female if they also break the respective all time official record for their gender category.   There will also be prize money on offer the Para Elites participating in the event.

Founder of Run the TAN, Darren Templeton said “We wanted to provide a financial incentive for elite athletes to participate in this iconic event and recognise them for the amazing athletes they are and the dedication, time and commitment they make to be competitive in the sport. I want to thank all the sponsors & partners who are helping make it possible to offer this level of prize money”.

Prize money and pride will be on the table for these elite athletes.

Medals will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place getters across all key events on the day including the public fun run event.

We are also looking to recognise and award King and Queen of the Mountain fastest time in each category for the Anderson Street Hill segment and Age Grade Rankings will be recorded and recognised for all the events. Additional categories will include; Para Athletes, Juniors and 5yr age groups categories from 35+

Registration for the event are now open with early bird pricing ending 3rd March.  REGISTER NOW!