As elite athletes prepare to break records at the annual Run the Tan event on 30 April, and celebrities sign up to encourage more public fun run participants to register, a local Melbourne family has entered for the first time to raise funds and awareness of its own charity, Amber’s White Light (AWL).

Amber Wraith lost her battle with mental illness tragically in April 2022 – just 12 months before her brother Montgomery will take to the Tan Track in her memory to raise funds for the charity established in her name.

“The Run the Tan fundraising platform has given me support from the community which has been astounding and honestly overwhelming with donations and support from friends running alongside me,” he said.

Mother Tamara Wraith said the family chose the Run the Tan event for its beautiful natural setting and the platform it provides to promote the need for greater mental health care and support.

“Running was one of Amber’s greatest passions,” she said.

“Singing was another – so if people want to sing while they are running the Tan, that would be a bonus! We are heartened and humbled by the support, especially those standing by our son Monty, as he honours the memory of his sister.”

Amber Wraith (RIP)

Tamara and Monty expressed genuine appreciation to the Run the Tan community for their messages of support for the AWL runners.

“(It) feels like an injection of love and commitment to the cause of youth mental health. Each message conveys a level of empathy to the bereaved person honouring Amber, and her struggle. Our community truly cares, and we want to see improvements in the level of care on offer from mental health services. Help-seeking behaviour needs to be met with help-giving behaviour from our health and community services.”

The Wraith family said that their wish for Amber’s White Light is to shine a light on the areas of mental health support and services that are not adequately resourced to help when it matters most.

“We want our Australian community to be able to talk about complex mental health and not sweep it under the carpet or perpetuate secrecy. Enlightenment does not happen in the dark. We talk about physical pain easily – we need to understand, discuss, and not judge the pain, confusion and altered capacity of those with mental illness.”

Olympian and media personality, Tamsyn Manou (Lewis), is a key Ambassador for Amber’s White Light and will be participating in the Run the Tan event in support of the charity.

Amber’s White Light charity is one of several mental health charities being supported by the annual Run the Tan event on 30 April. Members of the public can still register to take part or to donate via


Founded in 2022 after the tragic passing of Amber Wraith, supports research and implementation of research into complex mental illness and suicide prevention, for teenagers and young adults, especially young women. AWL aims to achieve best practice in support and treatment for young people and their families.

Further information can be found at