Elite Athletes - Entry Criterion



To be eligible to register for the Elite Athletes showcase event you must meet the following entry criterion:


1. Achieved at least one of the following qualifying times in your gender category within the past 3 years; and /or

800mSub 1:45Sub 2:00
1500mSub 3:40Sub 4:20
1mileSub 4:00Sub 4:40
3000mSub 8:00Sub 9:10
2milesSub 8:20
5000mSub 13:30Sub 16:00
10000mSub 29:00Sub 34:00
Half MarathonSub 1.05Sub 1.15
MarathonSub 2.15Sub 2.45
2000m SteepleSub 5:50
3000m SteepleSub 8:50

2.  Hold a current top 10 position on the RUN THE TAN official all-time fastest laps around the Tan with a time achieved within the past 3 years.



  • There will be a cap set (max. 50) on the total number of elite athletes in each gender category for the Main Feature Elite race event and once this cap is reached then no further athletes will be accepted into the elite category, unless expressly agreed by the event organiser.
  • Run the TAN reserves the right to review the performance ranking and results of the athletes against the entry criterion to determine the appropriate cut off point against the maximum capped number of athletes in each gender category event.
  • Any athletes who do not qualify or make the cut off point for the Main Elite race event will be allocated to run as an Elite athlete in the Preferred Start Wave/s of the Public Race Event. Note: These athletes will not be eligible for the prize money associated with the Main Feature Elite race event.