Governing Body

Charter: The charter of the Run the TAN Governing Body is to establish and administer the policies and rules & regulations of what is recognised as an official time around The TAN track in Melbourne.

Members: The members of the Run the TAN Governing Body have been carefully selected to represent a cross section of various sporting bodies and associations in Australia and other key organisations involved with Run the TAN. These include; Athletics Victoria, APSOC, Victorian Masters Association and Bennelong Foundation.

Current members of the Run the TAN Governing Body include:

  • Darren Templeton (Chairperson, Run the TAN)
  • Tim Crosbie (Athletics Victoria)
  • Christopher Worsnop  (Victorian Masters Association and APSOC)
  • Sandra Jacobs (Bennelong Foundation)

Run the TAN Advisory Committee

In addition, Run the TAN has established an Advisory Committee who is made up of various current and past athletes and members of the community and sporting clubs such as Athletics Victoria, APSOC, Australian Masters Association and Other Running Groups. The role of this advisory committee is to provide ideas, advice and input to Run the TAN management and to the Governing Body. They will be consulted on an informal basis as required to provide and represent the views of the general running community.