Fastest AFL Players and Umpires

Fastest AFL Players

RankPlayer NameClubTimeYear
1Phil CarmenCollingwood11.17
2Mark BlicavsGeelong Cats11.192011
3Matt RyanCollingwood11.571985
4Barry MitchellSydney12.xx1992-93
4Paul WilliamsCollingwood12.xx1992-93
4Tim ClarkeHawthorn12.xx
4Ian OwenRichmondLow 12s
8Alan "Dizzy"LynchFootscray and Richmond12.27
9Mark FraserCollingwood12.30ish1994
10Adrian GleesonCarlton12.35
11Dan JacksonRichmond12.36
11Matt WhiteRichmond12.36
13David SpriggsGeelong Cats12.402004
14Bruce Reid (non player) at age 40Essendon12.441985
15Danny MorganEssendon12.451995
16Shane CrawfordHawthorn12.48
17Chris JuddCarlton /WCE12.511999
17Ashley PrescottRichmond12.51
19Kevin SheedyRichmond12.55
20David CalthorpeEssendonSub 13
20Craig BradleyCarltonSub 13
20Mathew DundasRichmondSub 13
23Matthew RichardsonRichmond13.011994
24Cameron LingGeelong Cats13.05
25Cam HowatRichmond13.082006
26Tony ShawCollingwood13.10
27Chris HydeRichmond13.122004
28Mark CoughlanRichmond13.132004
29Greg TivendaleRichmond13.142004
30Paul LicuriaCollingwood13.242004
31Bo NixonCollingwood13.48
32Zane LeonardCollingwood13.50
33Nathan BuckleyCollingwood13.53
34James HirdEssendonSub 14

Fastest AFL Umpires

RankUmpire NameTimeYear
1Geoff Caulfield10.581995
2Hayden Kennedy11.101995
3Adrian Ryan11.181979
4Michael Marantelli11.222019
5Sam Stagg11.382020
6Kevin Smith11.55
7Shane Thiele12.032020
8Lachlan Rayner12.052013
9Chris Mitchell12.451995
10Brian Bulluss13.401995

*Last Updated 12/06/2020. Currently being reviewed.

All-time fastest AFL Players and Umpires is an Unofficial list of results. It has been compiled from various media reports and personal accounts, so is a best effort at listing the fastest times for footballers and umpires

If you know of any other sources of official recorded AFL Players or Umpires times around The Tan then please email us at Run the TAN.