Top 10 Para Men and Women - Multiclass

1Jaryd CliffordT1211:0934.05%2021
2Deon KenzieT3811:3734.00%2021
3Reece LangdonT3811.1733.62%2022
4Jaryd CliffordT1211.2032.53%2022
5Angus HincksmanT3812.2630.55%2022
6Aaron HoustonT2012.2930.09%2022
7Daniel MiloneT2012.4329.52%2022
8Nellie MitchellT1314:5327.47%2021
9Annabelle ColmanT2016:2526.74%2021
10Timon SiderisT2014.0426.71%2022

* Results updated as at 24th April 2022

Refer Rules & Regulations for what constitutes an official time around The Tan.  Para results are calculated using the universal Multiclass % scoring (MSC) ranking process for those classification types represented at the Tokyo Paralympics in the 1500m ambulant events which includes; T11-13 Men, T20 Men, T37-38 Men, T45-46 Men, T11-13 Women & T20 Women.