Rules & Regulations

The following outlines the Rules and Regulations of what constitutes an official time around the Tan and how they will be administered:

1.    Official times will only be considered for any sanctioned or independently timed events. (Refer clause 4 below for definition of a sanctioned event )

2.    Official times from independent events will only be considered if they satisfy the following requirements:

 – An independent and certified timing technology and service provider has been used to record the times; and/or

 – At least three timekeepers have been used to record the times independently of each other

NOTE: These requirements are in alignment with the policies and guidelines issued for out of stadia event by Athletics Australia.(https://www.athletics.com.au/results/records/)

3.    When claiming a top 10 fastest record time around the Tan, the following supporting documents are required:

 – Record Application Time Record Form

 – Official result

 – Timekeepers’ recording sheet showing 3 times, for hand timed records

The completed record application form and supporting documents should be emailed to Run the TAN within 28 days of when the event was held. It is recommended that persons claiming records keep a copy of all documentation sent to Run the TAN.  Top 10 and Top 100 records achieved by athletes will be ratified by Run the TAN Records Officer.

4.    The definitions of a sanctioned and independently timed events are; (1). Sanctioned an official running event at The TAN under a set of rules and regulations governed by an association and with an approved permit (if required) by City of Melbourne for the event. This could be a national association, district association, or state association (this include; Athletics Australia, any State Based Athletics Bodies as affiliates for Athletics Australia e.g. Athletics Victoria, NSW, WA etc, VMA, AMA, VAL, VRR)  (2). Independent timed events are those that are not governed by an association as listed above and or are ran without an approved permit for the event (if City of Melbourne do not require a permit). If an event is held without a permit when one is required, then this will be deemed as an illegally conducted event and it will not be accepted. Examples of unsanctioned events include; time trials, training sessions and or unsanctioned fun run or race event.

5.    Official times for any unsanctioned events will only be considered independent if they meet the requirement of clause 3 above and these results are submitted on the attached Time Record Form and signed off as true, correct and accurate by the Head Timekeeper and each other timekeeper.

6.    Any sanctioned or unsanctioned events must have a minimum of 4 officials or helpers spread around the course to ensure safe passage for the runners and ensure runners stay on course and run a true and accurate race. They need to vouch / verify that all runners have ran a true and accurate race.

7.    The starting and finishing point of an event should be at the Pillars of Wisdom and must be ran clockwise and start and finish at exactly the same point at which it started to measure out to a distance of 3.827km. Any historical events which were held prior to November 2019 and which started at different point around the tan and ran clockwise but still measured exactly 3.827km will be recognised as an official time.

8.    Any unofficial or sanctioned times which were listed on the tan digital clocks as at November 2019 will remain valid for the purpose of showing the fastest top 10 and top 100 times around the tan, until they are bettered as outlined in accordance with these rules.

9.    Run the TAN group is the owner of and is responsible for procuring and maintaining a consolidated and central source of accurate records of all top 10 and top 100 times.

10.  Race event organisers of any events will be responsible for keeping accurate records and providing this data to Run the TAN group in a specified format on a timely basis. They will also be responsible for verifying / validating their respective results on the consolidated list on the Run the TAN website to ensure they are true, correct and accurate.

11.  The TAN website address (https://runthetan.net) will be printed  on the tan digital clocks for the general public to view the latest rankings of top 10 and top 100 times and other interesting statistics.

12.  The tan digital clocks will be updated on a periodical basis and as required.

13.  City of Melbourne, Parks will be responsible for funding and physically arranging for the digital clocks to be updated.

14.  Any exemptions or applications for special consideration will need to be made in writing to Run the TAN (info@runthetan.com.au). These will be considered on a case by case and any decision will need to be unanimously agreed to by all members of the Run the TAN Governing Body for them to be recognised as an official time result around the tan.

Please contact Run the Tan (info@runthetan.com.au) for any enquiries regarding these rules and regulations and official times.