Fun Run (Public)

The public Fun Run event is open to everyone from serious recreational runners to casual joggers, walkers and families.  Enter as an individual or create a team for your running club, work, or other groups to get an “official” time around The Tan. We will also be holding some special waves for the super fast age groupers to have a crack at the official all-time Age Category Hall of Fame.  Limited spots available. Register NOW so you don’t miss out.

Elite Athletes

This is the main feature event representing the Top Male and Female Elite Athletes in Australia and some international guest athletes. It will also include the top Para Elite Athletes and Elite Race Walkers.

Only those elite athletes who have been invited or who satisfy the strict entry criterion can participate in this event.

It is expected to be electrifying to watch how fast these athletes can run around The Tan and if anyone can break the all-time records.  It will also be an eye opener to see how fast the Elite Race Walkers can walk around the track.

If you are an Elite athlete who has been invited to compete in this event or believe you are eligible to participate or have any questions then please contact us at: Run the TAN.


This event is only open to current and past professional athletes from other sporting codes (e.g. AFL, NRL, Soccer, Cricket, Basketball, Netball, Tennis, Racing etc) and key sporting identities / celebrities. To register for this event you will need to be invited or provide evidence that you have played at least one game at a professional level in your chosen sports code or have celebrity status.

Rub shoulders with your sporting idols and watch these guys race for their code! Some will be running to show their support for mental health and others will be having a crack at getting their name in the Hall of Fame for the fastest players around The Tan.

If you think you meet the criterion and would like to participate in this event then please contact us at: Run the TAN.

Emergency Services

This event is open to both current and retired employees/volunteers of all the Emergency Services Agencies (police, fire fighters, ambulance, SES, Surf Life Savings, Corrections etc) and employees of the Australian Defence Force (ADF), Veterans and ADF civilians.

Watch these guys go head to head for pride and their badges!

If you are part of any of these organisations and haven’t yet received a separate communication and invite to participate in this event then please contact your local Emergency Services games representative, ADF Sports group, Young Veterans or contact us at: Run the TAN.


This event is open to all school students to represent their school and compete against other schools. Each school will be required to create a Team for their School and invite students to join the team or students can search and join their school team once its been created.  This is expected to be a very competitive and fun race event.  Who are the fastest schools and students?

Medals will be awarded to overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd place getters and the fastest schools will be recognised.

If you are interested in participating in this new feature event then contact your head of sports at your school to create a team or contact us at: Run the TAN.