Training Plans - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently asked questions


Q: How do I receive my training plan?

A: Your plan is delivered via the online training app, Training Peaks. You will be notified via email by Craig Mottram and provided instructions on how to set up your free Training Peaks account. Once you have set up your Training Peaks account your training plan will be uploaded into the calendar section of Training Peaks within 48hrs.


Q: When setting up Training Peaks it asks me to ‘Log In’ to Training Peaks account or ‘Sign Up’ new account, what should I do?

A: If you have an existing Training Peaks account you can link this by selecting ‘log in’ and adding coach Craig Mottram to your existing account. If you do not have an existing Training Peaks account, you simply click ‘sign up’ and follow the set-up instructions.


Q: How do I sync my smart device to Training Peaks? 

A: Syncing your device is easiest done when first setting up your Training Peaks account. You will be prompted during set up to ‘Link a Device’ to your account. Click ‘yes’ and follow the set-up instructions displayed.


Q: How do I view my plan in my Training Peaks Account?

A: Your training will be made available in the Calendar window within 48hrs of setting up your Training Peaks account. The Calendar window is found on the top toolbar of your Training Peaks account. Your plan is live in the calendar from 6 weeks prior to your event start date. Note: your calendar will always open on todays date, so please scroll through the calendar to view your plan at the appropriate date.


Q: During the account set up phase I have been set up on a Premium Training Peaks account. Will this cost me more money?

A: No, you will automatically be put on a Premium account for a trial period and then revert back to a Basic account automatically when this period ends. You do not need to do anything, and you will not be charged. Your plan purchase includes your Training Peaks account for the duration of your Training Plan coached by Craig Mottram


Q: Can I change my training around to suit my weekly schedule?

A: It is strongly recommended that the training structure remain as presented to provide the best adaptation and minimise risk of soreness.


Q; What happens if I miss a day of training?

A: If you miss a day of training for any reason you can simply pick things up again on the day you return to training. Do not try to redo the training you missed.


Q: If I am feeling really great, should I do more than what is on my training plan?

A: No, the plan is structured across a set period of time to best prepare you for the Sydney Morning Half Marathon. Things, like rest days, overall volume and intensity have all been factored into the plan. For best results, stick to the plan as it is written.


Q: I am having difficulty setting up my Training Peaks account. Who should I contact?

A: Please email info@elitewellbeing.com.au and we will get you up and going ASAP.


Q: If I have questions about the plan or anything to do with the training how do I get in contact?

A: You can receive helpful support by emailing  info@elitewellbeing.com.au


Q: I have a question that hasn’t been answered here, what should I do?

A: You can email us directly at info@elitewellbeing.com.au


 Mottram’s Key to Training Zones and Effort.

Training Zone Meaning Description % OF MAX HR RPE


Z1 Endurance 1 Light Aerobic. Easy Running Effort <65 <5.
Z2 Endurance 2 Moderate Aerobic. Comfortable Effort 66-75 5-6.
Z3 Endurance 3 Heavy Aerobic. Steady/Tempo Effort 76-85 6-8.
AT Anaerobic Threshold Heavy Aerobic. Strong/Threshold Effort 86-94 8-9.
VO2 Maximal Oxygen Update Anaerobic. Hard Effort >95 >9.