Training Plans

Get your own interactive online training plan custom designed by Craig Mottram for The Tan course.


OPTION 1 – Mottram’s RuntheTAN 6-Week Beginner Plan
This 6-week plan is best suited for less experienced runners as the plan ensures your body becomes gently accustomed to the training. We start you out on a walk-run plan then build your body’s resilience with a series of aerobic continuous runs with exposure to mixed surfaces and hills before introducing you to some TAN specific sessions. This plan adopts a dynamic and accumulative approach to your training that will build your confidence to successfully run the TAN.

OPTION 2 – Mottram’s RuntheTAN 6-week Advanced Plan
This plan is built for those wanting to really push their current fitness and running skill in 6-weeks of solid training. This plan adopts many strategies and sessions from my own personal training when preparing for my TAN record run. A big focus of this plan will be threshold and hill sessions combined with longer aerobic runs to condition your body’s stamina and strength. This plan also includes guidance around improved running technique and efficiency as well as TAN track strategies to ready yourself to take on the challenge of bettering your previous TAN PB.

Plan Prices:
6 Week Plan: $35 inclusive of all fees and taxes.

How do I purchase a Training Plan?
You can purchase your training plan when you register for the Run the Tan 2021 showcase event upto 6 weeks out from the event (i.e. 12th March 2021). After that date then you still have the option to purchase a Training Plan HERE

Upon purchasing your plan, you will be contacted by Craig via email outlining the simple steps involved in setting up your own private and free Training Peaks account. Once your account is set up your training plan will be uploaded into your calendar within 48hrs.

About Your Coach & Current Tan Record Holder (Craig Mottram):

Craig is the current Tan Record Holder and knows this track better than most. He is also a four-time Olympian and Commonwealth medallist and holds many, local, state, national and international records. Craig’s presence on the international athletics scene altered the culture of modern middle and long distance running, as he beats the odds with his success against the dominant African nations, paving the way for others to do the same. In 2012, Craig shifted his attention from being the athlete to assisting the athlete through the provision of tailored coaching, training and wellbeing plans that aim to educate, empower and encourage participants to be well and be elite.

Check out the VIDEO above to see what Craig has to say about the Training Plans.

About Your Plan (what are you buying)?
You are purchasing an interactive online training plan custom designed for The Tan course.
Your plan is created by Craig Mottram and is delivered through the Training Peaks app. The training plan is completely interactive with your smart phone, watch or tracking device, allowing him  (your coach) the ability to track your progress and you the athlete the ability to engage with your plan like never before. You can choose to engage as much or as little as you like with the online monitoring of your training.

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