Where do I collect my race medal?

Your race entry fee includes a special branded Run the Tan finishers medal which you can collect directly after you cross the finish line.

When will I receive my race day photographs?

All photos should be available online via GeoSnapShot within 24 hours of the event. You should goto https://runthetan.net/photos/ to get notified as soon as the photos are available.

How and when will I receive my official time?

Provisional results should be available immediately once all events have been completed and all official results should be online within 24-48 hours.

When will I receive my race bib?

For those participants who elected to have their Race BIBs posted during when they registered online, you should receive these in the post early week beginning 18th April.

Can I pick up my bib on race day?

Yes. Goto to the Registration marquee to pick up your Race BIB.  You will need to show your QR code to collect your BIB.

I haven't received my race bib in the mail. What should I do?

For those runners who selected and paid to have their Race BIBs posted to them, you should expect to receive your Race BIB in the post by Friday 22nd April.  If you have not received your race BIB then goto the Registrations marquee on event day and they will allocate you with a new race BIB.

Can I run with my pet?

Unfortunately, pets will not be permitted on course during a race event.  Assistance dogs only are permitted.

Can I run with a pram?

Prams are permitted in the public fun run event and must start in the last wave. Children in prams must be registered in the event.

Can I run with headphones?

We strongly discourage the use of headphones on course. If you do choose to use headphones whilst running, please ensure that you are still able to hear what is happening around you.

What start wave will I be in?

Faster runners will be asked to go in the earlier waves and slower runners /walkers will be asked to go in the later waves.

Can I register on the day?

Yes. If you are unable to register online by the cutoff time. Then there maybe limited spots available to register on the day. Note: there are no guarantees you will get a spot if you leae it too late.

Can I fly a personal drone on the course?

The use of any type of drone or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is strictly prohibited at the Run the Tan event. Any person using a drone or UAV may be disqualified from the event.

Can I have a support rider on a bike next to me?

No personal support riders or bike riders within the vicinity of runners are permitted on course. It is the responsibility of each athlete while running to ensure that no bikes are on the course near the runners. Any transgression will result in disqualification from the event. The only exception to this will be for approved media staff.

Am I allowed to set up a marquee within the finish area for participants taking part in the event?

Groups and organisations are not allowed to create or form a dedicated space within the event village for their group to congregate unless approved by Run the Tan prior to the event. If a group is seen within the event site without an official event permit they will be asked by event organisers and security to leave the event site. If you would like to enquire about an allocated space within the event village for event day please contact Run the Tan.

Am I able to hand out samples / flyers / promotional material at the event?

Under no circumstance can you distribute any samples, flyers, promotional material, or anything similar within the event village. If seen doing so you will be asked to leave the event site by event organisers and security.

How is the event timed?

Your time will be recorded by a timing transponder pre-attached to the rear of your race number. Please ensure you firmly attach your race number to your chest and wear it for the entirety of the event.

Once you receive your race number, please ensure you do not bend or expose it to excessive heat. If you think your transponder may be damaged, please present it at the race bib pick up area for exchange.

Your personal transponder will be activated once you cross the start line, and your finishing time will be recorded as you cross the finish line.

Results will be available via the Run the Tan website on event day.

Is there a finisher medal?

Yes, all registered participants will receive a complimentary Run the Tan branded race event medal and a Race Finishers Certificate with their official finish time.

There will also be engraved medals awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place getters in each race category.


Do you have a COVID Safe plan?

Yes. We will be delivering the event in a format to ensure it is in accordance with the Victorian Government’s COVIDSafe Settings.

Our priority is to protect the safety and wellbeing of all event participants, staff, volunteers and the broader community.

We will continue to work alongside local stakeholders and authorities to ensure the event is safe for all and still offers participants a great and memorable running experience.

All changes and procedures that will take place at the event will follow the COVIDSafe Settings that will reflect the government requirements in place at the time in order to ensure we deliver a safe event.

All attendees of the event must:

  • Do a symptom self-assessment prior to leaving home and not attend if they are unwell or have been instructed to isolate or quarantine.
  • Be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 to protect themselves and others, if required by the COVIDSafe Settings at the time of the event

What happens if the event is postponed or cancelled due to COVID-19?

COVID-19 Postponement terms: Registered participants for events that are postponed due to COVID-19 by the state or local health authorities will be automatically transferred to the rescheduled event date. For those that the new date does not work, we will allow deferrals to the event in the following year.

COVID-19 Cancellation terms: Registered participants for events that are cancelled due to COVID-19 by the state or local health authorities, participants will have the options of either; Transfer to another Run the Tan race event within the next 12 months, or refund of your Registration Fees minus administration fee of 10%. Please note, merchant booking fees on the online transaction are non-refundable.